Anova's mission is to make laboratory technologies universally accessible to all.

Anova Culinary LLC(subsidiary of Anova Industries Inc.) is a US based corporation that manufactures sous vide products for home and commercial use. Our products includes sous vide heating circulators, immersion circulators, water bath systems and custom temperature control equipment. 

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Anova hires people who are determined, and we favor ability over experience. We have an open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.

Our company creates products that our employees use themselves. Here, at Anova, we have pride in our work and in each other. We constantly strive to improve or expand on our products every day, with every iteration. And, at the end of the day, our products are a reflection of the people that made them. Use our systems and see the reflection of our values.

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phone Phone: 001 - 281 - 980 - 1236
phone Fax : 001 - 281 - 980 - 1352
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Anova Culinary LLC..
PO BOX 66,
Stafford, TX 77477


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